Jabra BT620s Review

By william on 8:18 PM

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It's been a week with the Jabra BT620s.
Now that I've started using wireless headphones I don't think I'll move back to wired ones.
No longer do I have to worry about my wires getting caught on bus seats, hooked onto someone's bag by accident or the messy look of it all.

What do I think of the audio quality of the Jabra BT620s?
The BT620s could use a bit more bass.
The cymbals are particularly pronounced but that can be distracting at times.
It doesn't have the best audio quality around, but it's good enough for the regular user.
It allows me to connect to two devices, but I don't think I'll be using that function.

What do I think of the design of the Jabra BT620s?
I've read many reviews about this set of headphones being uncomfortable on the ears. That is true to certain extent, but I think it how much it hurts on the ears varies from person to person, since our heads are of different sizes.
My previous Philips set hurt my ears bad if I've used it for more than 40 minutes.
Jabra BT620s, however, isn't as bad. They still hurt after a while, but having suffered worse with the Philips, I don't think this one is as bad. Now the slight discomfort happens only at the back of the ears, where the cups rest on. The ear cushions, however, are really comfortable.

What do I think of the LED lights?
I actually think the lights are pretty cool. Yes it would be weird to have them flashing when using it on the streets, but as long as I can turn them off it's fine. Am I the only one who thinks that the LED feature deserves to be in the 'pros' section?

How would I rate the Jabra BT620s?
I'll give this piece a 8/10. Being wireless gives it a 6/10 already, and the comfortable ear cushions add another 2. I would have given it a 10/10 if the headphones didn't make me look like Princess Leia.


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