5 More Items Found Containing Melamine

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SINGAPORE - 5 new items were detected containing melamine content.
The 5 products are:

  1. Dutch Lady banana flavoured milk
  2. Dutch Lady honedew flavoured milk
  3. Silang - House of Steamed Potato - potato cracker
  4. Puffed Rice Rolls - butter corn flavour
  5. Puffed Rice Rolls - cheese flavour


The 3 products that were already banned are:

  1. Yi Li Choice Dairy Fruit bar Yoghurt Flavoured Ice Confection
  2. Dutch Lady Strawberry Flavoured Milk
  3. White Rabbit Creamy Candy


Here's the full article from the Straits Times:

FIVE more products imported from China have been found to contain melamine, bringing the number of tainted Chinese diary products in Singapore to eight.
Two are flavoured milk and three are confectioneries containing milk powder as an ingredient, said the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) in a statement on Wednesday.
The affected items are Dutch Lady banana flavoured milk, Dutch Lady honeydew flavoured milk, Silang - House of Steamed Potato - potato cracker, Puffed Rice Rolls - butter corn flavour; and Puffed Rice Rolls - cheese flavour.
The other products which were earlier found to be contaminated with melamine are Yi Li Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yogurt Flavoured Ice Confection, Dutch Lady Strawberry Flavoured Milk and White Rabbit Creamy Candy
The chemical, normally found in plastics, has been blamed for killing at least three babies in China and leaving more than 50,000 others with problems like kidney stones.
At least 12 countries have banned diary products imported from China.
AVA advised the public not to be unduly concerned as it has suspended the import and sale of all milk and milk products from China since Sept 19.
'We would also like to assure the public that the levels of melamine detected in the products are low and hence unlikely to result in adverse health effects,' it said.
'Consumers have to consume large quantities of the contaminated products over a prolonged period of time to have any potential ill effects on health.'
AVA said an adult weighing 60 kg or a child weighing 30 kg can ingest 37.8 mg of melamine and 18.9 mg of melamine respectively every day over a lifetime without any appreciable health risk.
Since last week, the authority has tested over 100 milk products for melamine, with 50 to 80 more samples being tested each day.
AVA will turn its attention to other products where content is a concern, such as cereals, after it has tested all the 400-odd samples of milk and milk products.
On Tuesday, some 1,800 litres of frozen yoghurt bars were destroyed at the Tuas incinerator.

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